Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 First Elimination Voting Results Update

bigg boss marathi season 4 elimination voting results 1st week

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 voting results for the first week eviction is a tough fight between the nominated contestants. After Aishwarya’s eviction in the first week, Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 gathers steam as three contestants face elimination danger this weekend. Prashant, Mayuri and Neha are lurking danger ahead of a crucial eviction battle.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Elimination Nominations List 1st Week Voting

  • Amruta
  • Nikhil
  • Vikas
  • Yogesh
  • Tejaswini
  • Yashashri

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Online Voting Results 1st Week Eviction

  • Amruta – 33% vote share
  • Nikhil – 6% vote share
  • Vikas – 23% vote share
  • Yogesh – 12% vote share
  • Tejaswini – 10% vote share
  • Yashashri – 16% vote share

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Danger Zone Contestants This Week

  • Nikhil, Tejaswini and Yogesh are in danger of elimination this week in Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4.
  • Amruta and Vikas are in the top 2 of the voting results this week.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 Elimination List – Week 2

Sr No. Contestant Name Profession Status
1 Apurva Nemlekar Actress Competing
2 Kiran Mane Actor Competing
3 Yogesh Jadhav Boxer Competing
4 Samruddhi Jadhav Model Competing
5 Prasad Jawade Actor Competing
6 Dr. Rohit Shinde Model/Doctor Competing
7 Amruta Dhongade Actress Competing
8 Megha Ghadge Actress Competing
9 Yashashri Masurkar Actress Competing
10 Ruchira Jadhav Actress Competing
11 Amruta Deshmukh Actress Competing
12 Akshay Kelkar Actor Competing
13 Vikas Sawant Dancer Competing
14 Nikhil Rajeshirke Actor Eliminated
15 Tejaswini Lonari Actress Competing
16 Trishul Marathe Actor Competing


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