Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Voting: These 8 contestants nominated for elimination in fourth week

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 voting week 4

The nominations were held in the house of Bigg Boss Marathi season 3 yesterday. In a recent promo, contestants of the household will be seen rushing to get into the jeep. The members sitting in the jeep include Gayatri, Utkarsh, Sneha, Jay, and Meera. A contestant elected by a majority of the members of the jeep will have to get out of the jeep.

Today, Sneha and Adish are going to argue once again. Adish has been seen arguing with every member since he came home. The arrival of Adish has created a stir in the house of Bigg Boss Marathi. Members of the household are seen speaking out against him. Jay, Utkarsh, and his group have negative feelings about Adish due to work given by Bigg Boss. They appear from time to time. After Adish and Jay, now Sneha and Adish are also going to argue. Adish will be seen discussing Sneha during a task today. But that discussion has turned into a quarrel. Adish is going to have to face the annoying reaction of affection.

According to Adish, “If you have personal irritation .. but my reaction is my influence, what I am talking about will also count”. Sneha says, “Your influence doesn’t count for me. You may think that if I ask you for a response, it won’t happen. What can I ask for?” Adish said, what? After that, the debate will go in a different direction.

Bigg Boss Marathi made its first wild card entry of the season yesterday. As soon as Adish Vaidya went home, he was given a new task, and he fulfilled it completely. Accepted the power card, and now three members of the household have to pay the price. Dadus, Meenal, and Jay will be the house guards till the following order of Bigg Boss. Yesterday there was a big quarrel between Jay and Aadesh. Today we will see Jay, Gayatri, Sneha, Utkarsh talking about Adish.

Jay will tell Gayatri, “Let’s be honest, Gayatri, I like your attitude.” Gayatri said, “If anyone says anything to my friend, I will say it in my mouth.” Utkarsh said, “It’s a comedy.” It’s like someone is a comedian … Gayatri is going to imitate how he works. Sneha said, “I was not looking at him; he was talking to me. You are looking at me, but he is not. Utkarsh said,” He has all these looks. ”

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 (Week 4) Nominated Contestants

  • Sneha Wagh
  • Vikas Patil
  • Vishhal Nikam
  • Meenal Shah
  • Sonali Patil
  • Surekha Kudachi
  • Santosh Chaudhary
  • Trupti Desai

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Voting Process

  • Download and install the Voot App on your mobile phones (Available in Android and iOS)
  • Register yourself by mentioning your details such as email id, phone number, or social media handles.
  • Go to the ‘Voot, Play & Win’ section and click on the ‘Bigg Boss Marathi Vote Now’ tab.
  • After that, click on the picture of your favorite contestant to cast your vote and submit.
  • Let us tell you; an individual user can vote 99 times, which they can either use their power of voting for a single contestant or cast their vote to other contestants.
  • The voting lines will be opened till Friday at 11 pm.

Here is the unofficial poll for Bigg Boss Marathi 3 at TheNewsCrunch


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