Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Voting Results – Seven Contestants nominated in BBM5 Week 2

BBM5 Vote Week 2

In the latest update from the Bigg Boss house, season five has entered its first official nomination process. The first week of the season was full of quarrels, and nominations were made on the second day, but voting or anything else did not start. However, in the recent weekend episode, host Mohanlal clarified that there would be no eviction for the week, and the ‘original’ nomination would start on the following day, with voting starting soon after.

The nomination process this time came with a massive twist. The contestants had the chance to nominate nine people who performed poorly in the last weekly task, excluding the captain Akhil Marar. Each contestant had the power to nominate two people, resulting in a total of eight people nominated. A total of seven people were nominated this time, with Gopika receiving the most votes, followed by Reneesha.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Vote:

  1. Gopika
  2. Rebeesha
  3. Angelina
  4. Aniyan
  5. Vishnu
  6. Lachu
  7. Rinosh

There were significant changes in the voting process this time, with a person only allowed to cast one vote per day. Last time, up to 50 votes could be given. Voting could be done through the Hotstar app, and the audience could vote until 12 pm on Friday. The contestants’ performances were being watched closely by many outside the Bigg Boss house, and the audience could not wait to see who would be the first to leave the house in the coming week.

The host Mohanlal expressed optimism, saying that everything that happened was for the best, and the words ‘What is to happen is for the best’ would ring true once again. With the first official nomination process over, the Bigg Boss house will continue to provide entertainment to the viewers.


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