Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Winner: Voting closed, Manikuttan secures maximum support from people?

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam winner Manikuttan

The audience voting to decide the winner of the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 title is over. There was an opportunity to vote for the preferred contestants until 12 midnight on Saturday. Voting began on Monday. Like the second season, Chennai was the venue for Bigg Boss Malayalam this time too. The show had to end on the 95th day in the COVID lockdown situation in Tamil Nadu. But even after the end of filming, the organizers decided to give the audience a chance to vote for their favorite contestants for a week and decide the final winner. Manikuttan, Dimple Bhal, Sai Vishnu, Kitilam Firoz, Anoop Krishnan, Ritu Mantra, Ramzan Mohammad, and Nobby Marcos were the last eight contestants.

For the first time in the history of the Bigg Boss show, contestants will be voting for themselves. Outside voting is usually done while the contestants are standing inside the house. But this time, the contestants can also vote for themselves. There are 8 finalists. These are all audience favorite contestants.

A few days back, the contestants who arrived in Kerala had interacted with the fans through social media and requested votes. After yesterday’s voting time ended, most of the posts were posted, thanking the audience. Voting started at 11 pm on Monday 24th May and ended at 12pm on Saturday 29th May. Discussions about the winner of Season 3 are raging on social media.

Voting begins shortly after their return. Voting started at 11 pm on Monday and ended at 12pm on Saturday. Contestants also came out with fans asking them to vote for them. BB stars were active on social media pages. Season 3 stars have received excellent audience support. It is rumored that the best match has taken place between the contestants. Reports are circulating that there is only a small difference in votes.

According to a report circulating on social media, Manikuttan is leading in the polls and will most probably win Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3. Manikuttan received over 58 lakh votes. In second place is Sai Vishnu. In third place is Dimpal Bhal. Ramzan is in fourth place, followed by Rithu. Anoop’s name is in the sixth position. The names of Feroz and Nobby appear in the seventh and eighth positions. The exact voting positions will be known only when the official announcement is made.

The audience came to the scene with the demand that the show should not end without a winner like in season 2. There were also strong campaigns on social media. Bigg Boss officials have announced that the winner will be announced after voting ends. By the end of Season 3, the discussion about the fourth part is going viral on social media.


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