Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Eviction: Surya Menon and Lakshmi talks about Elimination

Surya Menon Bigg Boss Malayalam

The friendship of the first days has changed, and everyone is moving forward with the game in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3. Tasks are going one way, but everyone is trying to stay out of the competition. It is not yet clear who will be in this week’s eviction. But Surya Menon is trying to tell everyone not to nominate herself. While talking to singer Lakshmi Jayan, Surya spoke openly about Elimination.

Surya says, ‘I have rivals. So what’s the point of saying you’re nominating them. Now someone is bothering me. Or I felt like someone did the wrong thing. But I will not be in that problem. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

I will nominate that person. But this week I could not find anything. Let me tell you a possibility of that. When there are no reasons, then what we say is the option we did not do first. Nominate those who seem to be the worst competitors, the ones who are most silent, the ones who stand aside. There are no other options. I have a reason to go and talk to everyone.My house is in dire financial straits. There is a lot of debt. My father and mother are elderly. They can’t do any work.’

Surya says, “I only think that if I stay here for three or four weeks, I can take that much money home.” Lakshmi Jayan told Surya that all she can do with her is not to nominate her in this week’s nomination.


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