Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Winner: Final Voting Results Predict Manikuttan is the Winner, Sai is the Runner Up?

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 winner runner up

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 will witness the crowning of the ‘title winner’ in a few hours. The final week voting window closed earlier this weekend. The suspense around the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 looms large as the audience eagerly awaits the official announcement. The voting results indicate a stunning victory for Manikuttan and a potential runner-up position for Sai Vishnu.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 ended abruptly, thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown. However, the makers of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 wanted to ensure that the show receives closure. The audience engaged on a daily basis to vote for their favorite contestant. Eight contestants who were in the Bigg Boss house were declared finalists. However, the advantage was with the most popular contestants.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was quite sensational compared to the previous seasons. Some contestants like Manikuttan, Dimple Bhal and Sai Vishnu connected well with the audience. Even though the telecast was stopped, the impact of Manikuttan loomed large.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Final Voting Results for Winner / Runner-Up

  • Manikuttan – 35% Vote share
  • Kidilam Firoz – 8% Vote share
  • Anoop – 6% Vote share
  • Dimple Bhal – 14% Vote share
  • Rithu Manthra – 5% Vote share
  • Sai Vishnu – 24% Vote share
  • Noby – 3% Vote share
  • Ramzan – 5% Vote share

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Final Week Voting – Winner Predictions

  • From the first day of voting, Manikuttan steered clear from the rest of the finalists. A spectacular lead helped him to ensure he is the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3.
  • There was an intense fight between Sai Vishnu and Dimple Bhal for the runner-up position. However, Sai Vishnu emerged on top of the battle.
  • Dimple Bhal’s exit and return affected her popularity vote results to a significant extent.
  • The competition from the rest of the finalists was quite insignificant. However, Ramzan and Kidilam Firoz failed to make an impact.
  • Anoop and Ramzan’s decent run in the ticket to finale tasks failed to create an impact in the minds of the audience.
  • The results indicate that the audience voted for genuine contestants irrespective of their task performances.


  1. Sympathy creating people in frontcand the real performers are at the back is not fare .it should not be that they acted so many films and have friends they acted badly through trolls but Anoop Kidilam firoz and Ramzan are real heroes over there faced a lot punishments that they spokes out what they really have in minds openly right.but Manikuttan always suttle in performance and have few issues also i dont agreed with this results

  2. Please give it to Anoop shakthi sali and good in all together Kidilam firoz rightly spokes there and helped out dimpal many times no Sai and Manikuttan is not to be worthy to receive the trophy manikuttan may be good among their resident area but as a bigboss performer he is not emerged that much I will go for Ramzan

  3. Pls bigboss decide the right one otherwise share the amount to all contestants who are really poor and below the powerty line

  4. I feel that people voted on the basis of sympathy created by the contestants and not as per their performance in Bigg Boss.


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