Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Elimination: Bhagyalakshmi evicted from Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 eviction

Mohanlal, the host of Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam, starts the weekend by talking about eviction and asked the nominated contestants to stand up. Contestants Sajna Firoz, Anoop Krishnan, Bhagyalakshmi, Soorya Menon, Kidilam Firoz, Sandhya Manoj, Ramsa, and Nobi, stood up.

This time, the name on the card in the Mohanlal’s hand was the person’s name to be evicted when the names hidden in the soaps specially prepared for the contestants for the nomination were safe. Bhagyalakshmi was finally eliminated when the rest of the contestants in the nomination were saved. Bhagyalakshmi was very happy to get eliminated. Sandhya, Surya, Sajina and Firoz were very emotional. Bhagyalakshmi was greeted by Sajina-Firoz.

Bhagyalakshmi told Sandhya that she would be injured if she stayed here anymore. Everyone is going with love for me now. Bhagyalakshmi says she will be hated from now on. Bhagyalakshmi told Sandhya to be as brave as she is now. Bhagyalakshmi told the captain Sai to be himself. She also added that this should be seen as a game and that no one should show personal prejudice.

Bhagyalakshmi tells Sajina-Feroz to be careful with her words. Bhagyalakshmi was given a loving farewell by all the other contestants in a way that no other contestant has ever received. Bhagyalakshmi said that she got what she asked for. Kidilam Feroz, Sandhya, and Dimple were crying. Kidilam Feroz commented that she overcame the situation when her ex-husband died because she was standing here. Feroz and Sajina said that Bhagyalakshmi came out victorious, and when she started falling in love, she had to leave.

Bhagyalakshmi was eliminated due to fewer votes compared to other nominated contestants. Will there be one more elimination on Sunday? We will have to wait and watch.


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