Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 20th March 2021: Fourth Eviction Vote Results Signal Danger for These Two Contestants?


Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 will complete an eventful fifth week this weekend. The weekend episodes are graced by the host Mohanlal as he dwells in the happenings of the week. The major highlight will be the announcement of the fourth elimination of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3.

Seven contestants entered the nominations for eviction in week 5 of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3. However, the performances during the tasks and fights impacted the voting results by great means. Three eliminations took place so far but the fourth eviction will be a decisive one. Incidentally, all the evicted housemates so far are female contestants.

The voting results battle did not go down to the wire in this week’s case. Remya Panicker was trailing by a considerable margin from day 1. Also, her performance in the ‘role playing’ task did not impress the audience. Hence, Remya took a desperate turn by emotionally venting out her position in the house to Noby. Remya spoke about her performance and compared herself with Rithu Manthra.

Apparently, Rithu and Kidilam Firoz’s performances delighted the housemates and audience. Hence, they were contenders for the captaincy task alongside Manikuttan. Kitilam Firoz won the captaincy task which makes this a memorable week for him.

Remya Panicker is the likely eviction of week 5 in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3. Sai Vishnu is also losing his popularity and struggled in the bottom two of the voting results.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Best Performers of Week 5

  • Manikuttan
  • Rithu Manthra
  • Kidilam Firoz

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Worst Performers of Week 5

  • Remya Panicker
  • Sai Vishnu
  • Majiziya

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Evicted Contestants

  • Lakshmi Jayan (Week 2)
  • Michelle Ann (Week 3)
  • Angel Thomas (Week 4)
  • Remya Panicker (Week 5)


  1. Please kick out Firoz khan&Sajana(they are a poison in the
    Big boss house),they are one but trying to play as individuals so it is not fair
    for other contestantants& looks like they are there to take some revenge so pleaseee…kick them out,

  2. Sajana Firoz conveying a wrong message to the viewers ie those who fight only can survive in the BB house. Young generation is getting a wrong message through BB. Why the members can’t behave nicely and win the the heart of the viewers instead of fighting.


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