Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 16th February Episode Written Update: Day 1 First Task Winner, Captaincy, Elimination Updates

Bigg Bigg Malayalam 3 day 1 16th february episode written update

Bigg Bigg Malayalam 3 is off to a great start as the housemates entered their competitive mode in the first task. After a glitzy ‘grand opening’ of Bigg Bigg Malayalam 3, the first day in the Bigg Boss house ‘KKPP – Kittiyal Kitti Poyal Poyi’ was played. The contestants fought hard. However, Lekshmi Jayan won the first day.

In an eventful first day, RJ Firoz narrated the ruls of the task. The task took place in the garden area. Two contestants faced each other in a game which tested the mental wits of the housemates. The housemates might not have seen this coming their way on the very first day. The contestants who grabbed the maximum balls was declared the winner.

Bhagyalakshmi was the front runner in the task. Her amazing gameplay stunned the fellow housemates. However, Lekshmi Jayan won the task in the decisive last round. As a result, the first Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 captain will be a female contestant. Lekshmi Jayan and Bhagyalakshmi will compete against each other to become the first ever captain of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3.

The nominations task is yet to take place on Bigg Boss Malayalam 3. There are no concrete updates on the first eviction of Bigg Bigg Malayalam 3.


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