Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Wild Card contestant Jazla Madasseri Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts

Jazla Madasseri bigg boss malayalam

As the fourth week of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season Two kicks off, two wild card entries with the audience surprise. If Saturday’s episode ended with such a hint given by Mohanlal, it would have become reality in today’s episode. There were seventeen contestants from the opening episode of Bigg Boss. The second week, when Chandy was out of the elimination stage, Bigg Boss was sent out of Somadas for ill health. Big Boss has made two wild card entries together, with 13 contestants remaining after today’s elimination episode. Jazla Madasseri, who has made a lot of public and social media debates through her stance, has come to Big Boss House as the second wild card entry. With the arrival of Jazla, who is always brave enough to say so, we can expect the second season of Bigg Boss to be even more exciting.

Jazla first reached out to social media discussions by leading a flash mob organized by the Free Mondays Forum at the 2017 IFFK venue. Three girls of Flash Mob, Malappuram, had been facing widespread cyber attacks in connection with AIDS Day. Their Islamist religious background has made the cyber attackers problematic. Jazla-led protests were held at the IFFK venue. Jazla was the KSU Malappuram district vice president at the time. But Jazla’s Flash Mob has similarly attacked cyber attacks.

Jazla Madasseri Wiki and Bio

  • Recently, Jazla drew attention to his experience of coming to a religious life with no religious experience and opposed the patriarchy of religion and society.
  • Jazla’s speeches at rational forums like ‘Essence Global’ have attracted much attention.
  • Jazla’s reactions have been met with intimidation against the Islamic speaker Mujahid Balussery and the fiery Feroz Kunnamparambal, who have often referred to the working women.
  • The subject of Adida Firoz Kunnamparambil has been a very recent topic.
  • Jazla made similar allegations against Firoz during the recent Lok Sabha elections, when Feroz Kunnamparambil voted for the UDF candidate for Manjeswaram.
  • Firoz made a derogatory statement against Jazla’s name in the Facebook Live.
  • But Jazla went on with the legal process, saying Firoz was referring to insulting the responding women, including himself.
  • The State Women’s Commission has voluntarily taken up the matter and later publicly apologized to Firoz Kunnamparambil.

This is the first such episode of Big Boss Malayalam Season Two. Where two people get out of the normal elimination, two get out! The same day a wild card entry came through. Then another one of you will enter the wild card. Bigg Boss audiences and other contestants witnessed such events today.

Mohanlal’s first wild card was announced after Parikutty and Suresh Krishnan’s dismissal. Mohanlal has introduced the famous Daya Aswati through social media. Mohanlal announced his next surprise when he walked into the mercy house and met other contestants, saying that there is another wild card entry today! Jazla Madasseri, who is known to many Malayalees through social media, is the second contestant to reach the Bigg Boss through a wild card.

Jazla Madasseri Unknown Facts

Mohanlal introduced Jazla by saying that he is another famous person through social media. Jazla told Mohanlal that the most interesting thing about her was that she did not personally know anyone in the House. ‘It’s a whole new world for me. I’ll stay to myself. “I will try to stand by myself,” Jazla told Mohanlal. Jazla is currently working as a marketing manager in a private company.


  1. Hi

    The selection of Jazla was awrong decision of Big Boss, the reason being her talks, action and behaviour is culturless and upto the standard of the society. She prooved that she is personally harrasing the other candidates, and i feel she should be eliminated at the earliest.

  2. What this country needs is a backbone girl like Jasla.
    Malayalee’s low morality, discrimination against women and religious blindness are not only down here but to the international community as well.
    Jasla is the beauty of bigboss where no one dares to touch God, religion, male or female discrimination and so on.


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