Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Voting Results 23rd February:Manju Pathrose’s Is Eliminated and Ends Journey in BBM2, Will There Be Another Eviction Today??

bigg boss malayalam 2 elimination week 7

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 enters its seventh week. The drama, chaos, fun and fights continue to a great extent in the Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 house. Week 1 was peaceful with the contestants sharing their personal stories and Mohanlal warned them for a few violations against the rules of Bigg Boss. Mohanlal announced the season’s first elimination to happen this weekend and Rajini Chandy was evicted. The second elimination of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 was Reshma Rajan and Somadas made an unexpected exit due to illness. Following this, Thesni Khan was eliminated in the end of Week 4. Pradeep Chandran was the eliminated last week. Manju Pathrose was eliminated on Sunday.  However, the suspense of this week’s elimination is exciting to see.

As Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 enters the decisive phase of sixth elimination while contestants and audience are still in the bonhomie, the seventh week elimination of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 this week will be a very interesting one.

The weekend episodes promise a lot of action and suspense as the host Mohanlal digs into the happenings of the week. Manju Pathrose was trailing from the beginning of the week’s audience voting and is eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Week 7 Elimination Updates

There were no eliminations on Week 5 and week 6 witnessed the elimination of Pradeep. Reshma gets a break from nominations again this week due to her eye infection. Meanwhile, Rajith was the leader of audience voting last week and is nominated this week as well. The fight for the top position is likely to be between Fukru and Rajith Kumar. Fukru makes his way into nominations for the first time.

Elimination Nominations For Week 7 Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

  • Dr Rajithkumar
  • Veena Nair
  • Jazla
  • Manju Sunichan
  • Fukru
  • Arya

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Elimination Nominations Process

Each contestant nominated two other contestants and as a result, six ven contestants were nominated which builds up the possibility of a double eviction this week. This is how the contestants voted for each other.

The nomination is as follows:

  • RJ Suraj- RajithKumar, Jasla Madassery
  • Jasla Madassery- RajithKumar and Manju Peter
  • RajithKumar- Fukru and Manju Peter
  • Manju Peter- RajithKumar and Veena Nair
  • Arya- Jasla Madassery, Rajith Kumar
  • Fukru- RajithKumar and Veena Nair
  • Shaji- RajithKumar and Veena Nair

The announcement of Bigg Boss came shortly after the nominations were completed. These are the six people who have made it to the elimination list. Bigg Boss asked Arya if she was using a “nomination free card”. Arya replied that she was not. The highlight of this year’s nomination was that all the other contestants said the name of Rajith Kumar. This is also the first time that Fukru is in elimination nomination.

Manju Pathrose Leaves the House With Positivity and A Smiling Face!

Mohanlal requested the nominated contestants to stand up and finally announced Manju’s name. Manju left the house with a beaming smile and confessed that she will not miss her fellow contestants. It was surprising to see Manju being so positive about her elimination and Mohanlal mentioned it too.

Manju Sunichan’s Drama Irked the Audience?

The audience of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 are disappointed since Manju Sunichan did not get eliminated last week. Rajith and Sooraj were declared safe while the fate of Manju and Pradeep hung in balance. The audience were tired of Manju’s excessive emotional drama. However, the real surprise was revealed when Pradeep was eliminated. The fans of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 could not digest this and hence, urged for fair voting process.

Manju is trailing this week and finally got evicted on Saturday’s episode.

Will There Be Another Eviction This Week?

The possibility of another elimination this week looms large as Mohanlal mentioned the chances of the same. However, with none of the contestants entering the house after their eye infection treatments, the house is already filled with lesser number of contestants than expected. Hence, the possibility of Jazla getting eliminated on Sunday is less. However, if there is a suprise eviction on Sunday, it is expected that Jazla will be eliminated.

Rajith Kumar Led with 78% Voting Share In Major Polling Reports, Manju is Eliminated – Day 4 of Audience Voting – February 22nd

As expected, Rajith Kumar was the leader in major polling reports from day 1 of audience voting. However, it was surprising to see the Fukru and Arya get nominated for eliminations this week. Though the contestants are fighting hard to get saved from evictions, the tasks will be getting tougher and intense by the day.

Rajith Kumar and Fukru are the top two in the audience voting polls.Manju was trailing the voting trends and it did not change through the course of the week. However, the fight for the bottom position intensified as three contestants were in contention. Jazla, Veena and Manju fought hard to save themselves from elimination. However, Manju remained in the bottom of the audience voting results.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Week 7 Elimination Vote Share – Day 4 of Audience Voting – February 23rd

    • Dr Rajithkumar – 78% vote share
    • Veena Nair – 5% vote share(DANGER)
    • Jazla – 2% vote share (DANGER)
    • Manju Sunichan – 2% vote share(ELIMINATED)
    • Fukru – 9% vote share
    • Arya – 4% vote share

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Voting Online Week 7

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