Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Online Week 9 – Nomination list without Rajith Kumar, Vote Below

bigg boss week 9 nominations

Seven people were nominated for Bigg Boss Eviction. The Bigg Boss has announced that Dayna, Alena and Reshma will not be nominated again. Amrita and Abhirami nominated Arya and Shaji. Arya spoke often against us. When I was in the confession room, she tried to snatch gold from Abhirami.

Although we can say anything about the game, the two women and sisters portrayed us as a bad person. They said both were fakes. Arya was first nominated by Sujoy. The reason was that it was the people who came to repair the image, not the game itself. Abhirami and Amrita were nominated by Arya. Without coming to terms with things coming home, I was expecting someone to be nice. Arya also told us that they hooked us up in the game.

RajithKumar was first nominated by Shaji. Rajith said Shaji was often the one who was in the forefront of his isolation. This is the second time Arya has been nominated by Reg. And prejudiced against unjust actions

Raghu was first nominated by Shaji. Women are not shy when they speak out loud, but when they see Bigg Boss as the mirror of a civilized society, one does not need Bigg Boss. The second nominee was Veena. Raghu said that Shaji was dismissed as a human being and that he would look into my health and nominate my friend Veena.

Shaji’s first nomination was Raghu. The reason was that it was Fake. Shaji also nominated Alessandra. Shaji said the two were not ready for the game. Sujo’s first name was Pashanam Shaji. Sujo said that Shaji was speaking with more authority and that the story I told him when I returned hurt him and that it was Fake. The main reason for the attack was that Regit was attacked without showing any consideration for being abusive.

“Veena was nominated by Raghu. We are supporting her when she comes out.” Alessandra seems to be a total fuck. When she returned, Veena said she had changed.

Fukru’s first nomination was Sujo. Sujo is playing the game about everyone. Fukru was nominated for Amrita and Abhirami. Fukru said, “We have gone along with the registration to the point of isolating ourselves.” The team was formed after they arrived. Fukru said that it is not like the game.

Sandra nominated Amrita and Abhirami. Alessandra said Abhirami is a good character and Amrita doesn’t understand things. The second was Shaji. The reason was that Shaji had often asked for it. This is not the first time Rejith Kumar has been nominated.

Nominated for Week 9 Eviction

  • Veena Nair
  • Shaji
  • Sujo
  • Alessandra
  • Amrita, Abhirami

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Veena Nair
Pashanam Shaji
Sujo Mathew
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