Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Singer Somadas’s ex wife says he is lying, read about her statement below

bigg boss malayalam 2 somadas

Singer Somadas was a notable figure in the performance of Big Boss Malayalam Season 2 contestants. Somdas told Bigg Boss about the troubles he had to face as a singer and the tension in his family life. Somdas, in a tearful statement, said that he had to buy his own children from his wife after he had failed his wife. But his first wife Surya has come out with what Somadas said were contradictory. Surya told Facebook Live that Somadas had said that no mother was ready and that she was paid Rs.5 lakh but that it was not for the cost of her children but as compensation for divorce.

Eighty percent of people who see Bigg Boss believe the spell. Just listen to my story and tell me if I’m as selfish as he says. What mommy can afford to buy her children money? I was embarrassed.

Our wedding was in 2005. I lived in the Pulli family for only seven years and four months. He said he was in the United States for five years. How then can we have two children? Our two children have a two and a half year age difference. In fact, the spot for two years in America was not.

The only real problem we have is that it was the girl’s intercourse. Relationships with foreign women that no wife can tolerate. I endured a lot of it. The spot has completely changed since the launch of Idea Star Singer. There was a lot of relevance at the time. The spot was away from me. I have seen many messages on the phone on the spot that I can’t see. We had a fight. I have been physically and mentally tortured a lot. I endured a lot for my children.

Something I said is true. One day I went to my house and was told to go to the festival. It is the father and the mother who make the final decisions on the life of the tiger. When they told him to leave, they objected. It is true that I went in spite of it. The incident took place in April 2013.

A familiar panchayat member calls that morning when he returns home after four days. She said she received a complaint saying that Surya was missing and that her father and mother were abducted. Later he called the same thing from Chathanoor police station. The police told him to take his father and mother. Somadas and his family were there. The spot was told to Bigg Boss that I had torn it up. But I didn’t. I told the police that I could not stay in that family. He said he would come if it was a rental. But the spot was not ready.

Pulli says he bought them at the same time when the two children were together for Rs 5 lakh. What’s the point of it? The case for Devers is also sour. The case went on for three years. At first I didn’t agree. After saying many, I agreed. The youngest was four years old and the oldest was six years old. Whenever I came to court, I would ask to see the children. Once they arrived, the judge called the chamber and asked who to go with. She said she should go with her father. It is true. The children had changed. But I thought it was better to take the kids to the spot. I thought, though, that the nature of the spot would change. My children don’t even like seeing me now. And so on.

I was the reason for the spot on Star Singer. I insisted on it. I was very happy when I got it. It is true that I was paid Rs.5 lakh. Is it wrong to ask for compensation from someone who made my life this way? I’m not the first person to become a divorcee. Nor was he the first to pay compensation. That is compensation. He did not buy my children. I didnot sell my children


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