Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Eviction – Pradeep Chandran Evicted from Bigg Boss house

bigg boss malaylama 2 week 6 eviction

The eviction was something that the Bigg Boss audience was eagerly awaiting during Week 6 Sunday 16th February 2020. The announcement is usually made on Sunday by Mohanlal. A poor performance in the Bigg Boss could also lead to dismissal. The audience will decide who gets out of the nominees of the Bigg Boss house. It was with great concern that Bigg Boss announced who will be evicted from house on Sunday 16th February 2020.

Yesterday Mohanlal revealed Veena Nair was in the safe zone. Arya was also kept out of jail. The prospect of getting out today has increased. Mohanlal told everyone to stand in front of the judgment card. Everyone stood in front of a card with their name written on it. They were Rajith Kumar, Pradeep Chandran, Manju Peter and Sooraj. He told him to open the card. Rejith Kumar and Sooraj in the safe zone. Manju Peter, Pradeep Chandran Danger Zone. When asked what would happen, some said that it was possible for someone to leave. However, some people said that there is no chance of anyone leaving the house due to eye infection.

Then Manju took Peter and Pradeep Chandran were taken to the darkroom. They were advised to close their eyes. Two men came and took Manju Peter and Pradeep Chandran out of their seats. Both were asking who was coming. Pradeep Chandran doubted whether it was Alena. Manju Peter also said that he is scared.

Once again, Mohanlal came to the screen. He told Fukru to go to the outside room. When Fukru arrived, Manju Peter was there. With a hug, Fukru led Manju back to Bigg Boss house. Upon returning home, Manju asked where Pradeep Chandran was. When Mohanlal said that Pradeep Chandran was nowhere, it was clear to the audience who was out. Pradeep Chandran left the house.

Pradeep Chandran used the opportunity to thank Big Boss for keeping him in the house for some time. Pradeep Chandran said, “It is better that we don’t stand where they don’t need us.” Mohanlal said he wanted to photograph Pradeep Chandran. The two were photographed together. Pradeep Chandran thanked the audience again.

Later, Mohanlal sent Pradeep Chandran with all his wishes. There were discussions about the departure of Pradeep Chandran. There were some weeping over the eviction of Pradeep Chandran.


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