Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Elimination 26th January – Mohanlal announced name of those who are safe from elimination

bigg boss malayalam 2 elimination list

The week three of Big Boss Malayalam Season Two has seen the highest number of people make it to the elimination list. Eight were on the elimination list! Alena Padikal, Reshma Rajan, Thesni Khan, Veena Nair, Suresh Krishnan, Parikutty Perumbavoor, Rejith Kumar and Alessandra. While the results of last week’s elimination list were announced on Sunday’s episode, Mohanlal today announced the names of two people in the safe zone.

At the end of the episode, Mohanlal told the usual two men to stand up. Mohanlal asked Alessandra and RejithKumar to join the line. The next question was whether the luggages were prepared for them in the elimination. Both replied that there is. Mohanlal’s announcement was followed. Mohanlal told them that they were safe to take back the belongings in the box for the time being. These words were greeted by Alessandra and Regith with glee. Other members were also applauding this time.

With this, the number of members on the elimination list this week has been reduced to six. Alena Padikal, Reshma Rajan, Thesni Khan, Veena Nair, Suresh Krishnan and Parikutty Perumbavoor are currently on the elimination list. Parikutty is undergoing treatment for an eye infection. Bigg Boss is keeping him out of the house.


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