Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 – A fight erupts between Pareekutty and Rajini Chandy on 13th January Monday night

bigg boss malayalam 2 13th january 2020

The contestants are rolling in season 2 of Bigg Boss, the biggest reality show in Malayalam. The contestants are trying their best to win people’s vote, at the same time, there are many disputes. Much of what is seen yesterday 13th January 2020 between Parikutty and Rajini Chandy. The dispute was over food.

It was during a conversation between Parikutty and Rejith Kumar that the issue of Rajini Chandy was first revealed. Rejith Kumar was trying to advise Parikutty. Rijith Kumar said he should not speak words out of anger. Parikutty said that if he is of his age, if he is out, he would have done the same. Parikutty said yes, but only to look at the situation. Parikutty’s response was that he would say yes. Rejith Kumar also said he would come back to correct it.

Parikutty said if I disagree with what you are saying. He said it was enough fun. “It is an expression used to say that you will change shapes.” “They are the worst of the 17 candidates,” he said. But Rejith Kumar said the angels were not around. Then Parikutty tried to clarify the matter with examples. Now I get a piece of chapatti from Fukru’s bowl. Then Fukru says he took my food. I know what a person named Rejith Kumar is going to say, he may not even give him a piece” he said. Instead, he said, “Let him eat and stay away.”

Parikutty discussed the same with Pashan Shaji. Shaji like Parikutty too, took the resignation from Chandni saying she had forgotten it. He also tried to change the quarrel between Parikutty and Rajini Chandy. Rajini Chandy said it was casual. But she was worried. Parikutty said she was not educated.

Finally, they shook hands and said the problem was over. However, he later resigned. Now she was crying saying that she should go home. They all tried to appease Rajini Chandy. Meanwhile, Rejith Kumar, who had come to comment, was taken away by Fukru from that place. Is Rejith Kumar the reason for the fight between Parikutty and Rajini Chandy, comment below.



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