Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 5th February 2020 – A huge fight erupts betweek Vina Nair and Fukru

bigg boss malayalam 2 vina nair fukru fight

With Bigg Boss Malayalam Season Two just over a month away, the new episodes are filled with surprises. As for the contestants who spent a month in the House, they have begun to emerge from their own image and safe zones. These are the games that Bigg Boss is currently playing in front of competitors. If sixteen people were given the task of marking their place yesterday, it was the luxury budget task of the week. It was very diverse.

The ‘call center’ game, which is divided into two teams of sixteen people each, is today and tomorrow. The squad included Regith, Passion Shaji, Pradeep, Arya, RJ Suraj, Pawan, Fukru and Daya. The rest are in the B team. According to the rules of the game today, those in A team are customers and those in B team are call center executives. The Bigg Boss gave their team-mates a chance to call each of their opponents on their own terms. Call center executives get a point when the phone is cut before the call is completed. Otherwise they get a point. Rezith Reshma was called first from the A team. Bigg Boss gave Team A a point, saying Reshma did not cut the phone but left the call of a call center executive. It was Fukru Veena Nair from the A team.

Bigg Boss’s rule was to only talk about things after they got inside the Bigg Boss house. Fukru said to Veena on the phone that she was acting inside the house. Fukru said that the game was asking things that were too hesitant to ask directly and felt the love shown to him for the game. Veena also said that she sees Fukuru in her place and that her love is genuine. Fukru was not, however, pretending to place his allegations in that answer.

Fukru said Veena’s reaction when Tasni Khan was eliminated seemed to be a part of the game. Fukru asked why she misses her son so much and why she came to Bigg Boss. Fukru said he was called through the game to say these things and wanted the game to be played straight. Veena responded by stating that she had been told about her arrival at the Bigg Boss in the ‘I know’ task and that Fukru was a childlike character. The fallen phone doesn’t cut or cry until the buzzer sounds.

But as soon as she came out, Veena responded to Fukru. Veena said she should not tell her family that it was bad. Fukrou also disputed what he had not said during the game. But in the episode it was the scene of the dispute spreading from two people to two teams. Many tried to calm the scene, but for a long time the voices of members in the House were heard. Even Captain Rejith Kumar was unable to calm the members.


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