Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 13th January Rajith Kumar shares about his aim in Bigg Boss

rajith kumar bigg boss malayalam 2 13th january

Rajith Kumar is one of the notable contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2. The controversy that has often arisen through his speeches has made Rajith more noticeable outside of Bigg Boss. Rajith, meanwhile, is proving to be the best ‘gamer’ among the 17 existing competitors. In Sunday’s episode of Mohanlal’s arrival, male contestants were asked to talk about women’s empowerment and influential women. In his speech, Rajith Kumar raised the demand for 50 per cent reservation for women, including lawmakers. On Sunday’s episode, Rajith later found himself boasting about not being able to say what he intended to do.

Rajith Kumar is a man who talks to himself. When one of Bigg Boss’s fellow contestants asked him about it, he replied, “Self-counseling.” Rajith congratulated himself on his women’s empowerment speech: ‘If you speak the truth, your lady empowerment will be stirred up and recited those truths that you have in mind. Didn’t you want to make that in your mind 50:50. Isn’t it about preaching to the world instead of preaching to yourself? ‘

‘I never said it to women, it was twisted and made that way. Through Bigg Boss, people with knowledge will know that Rajith is not against women, but for women. But these parties do not know this. These are just a few of the millions and the first prizes in mind. I don’t want the money. I don’t want to. ‘

‘I don’t want any money, no crores, no flats. But the message and the value should be delivered to the masses. And so should Entertainment. Entertainment is an important part of life. Otherwise, life can get boring. I will do whatever they do from now on. ‘ Rajith Kumar later told Fukrul that he really understood the game.


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