Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 13th February 2020 – A huge fight erupts between Rajith Kumar and Fukru

rajith kumar bigg boss malayalam 2 13th january

The scenes at the Bigg Boss house were tense today. There was a continuation of the luxury task of the past day. Each contestant was focused on their own performances. Everyone tried to the best of their ability to keep the coins received on the task the previous day. However, the theft of Pawan and Rajith Kumar’s coins made matters worse.

Bigg Boss has stated that everyone should go for eye checks. Bigg Boss said they would return to the task after that. Everyone was ready to go for inspection. Meanwhile, Manju Peter had stolen the coins of Rejith Kumar. Veena Nair also helped to hide the coins. Rajith Kumar was convinced that the task had been paused so he would not have to worry and then he realized his coins had been lost. Veena Nair also stole some of Pawan’s coins during the discussions. Manju Peter helped to hide them. Upon realising that the coins had been stolen, Pawan raised his voice and became angry. In the meantime, Bigg Boss suggested that everyone go for treatment. And they all left.

When they came back, everyone was thinking of competition. Rajith Kumar was also trying to appease Pawan. But that did not calm him. Pawan was on account of the fact that the coins were stolen by Jasla. Pawan had said that the problem would get worse if she did not return his coins. There was an argument between Pawan and Jasla. The two men were talking to each other. It had been adopted by others. Arya had asked him how he had been brought up.

Veena also said that her father and mother were worried. Some even scoffed at his wife’s spending. In the meantime Big Boss had all assembled at the behest. They were told to tell everyone the number and point of the coin they had. “The coin in his hand was stolen when the task was stopped,” said Rajith Kumar. But Bigg Boss suggested to Rajith Kumar that he would tell them the point. Rajith Kumar said there was no point. The Bigg Boss announced the result after everyone had said their own points. Fukru was number one. And then the Passion Shaji. Sooraj nearby. Last week, Pawan was the winner. Big Boss said the coin should be taken care so that it does not get stolen.

The noise was heard as each turned into several groups. Pawan and Sooraj are a little band together. Pawan was trying to snatch Suraj’s coins. “It is not right to dump a coin in our own hands,” he said. The incident later got into a heated argument. When Pawan spoke sarcastically, the others got angry too. Others asked Pawan and Rajith Kumar whether he had any sprain or shame. Sooraj said that he felt ridiculed for being honored for a while. Rajith Kumar said he wanted dignity. Meanwhile, Pawan took his hand and spoke to everyone. Fukru and Veena Nair exploded. Everyone thought that a decision had to be made. Everyone complained that Pawan speaks with dignity and says bad words. At the end of today’s episode, you can see the Shaji is trying to solve.


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