Bigg Boss Losliya working out to reduce weight, poses in gym, photo going viral on social media

losliya weight loss photo

Its been more than a month since Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil has ended but the craze for the contestants have not ended. Especially fans of Kavin, Losliya, Mugen and Sherin are still following them passionately and whenever they post something on social media it goes viral.

Has Losliya Lost Weight?

Recently Losliya has posted a picture in which she looked toned and sexy, her fans are appreciating her for the looks and were asking if she is hitting the gym to reduce weight. Infact there are news from various sources that Losliya is getting a lot of movie offers and she is working out really hard to reduce weight to appear fit for movies.

Now she has recently posted another photo with the caption At the Gym and this photo of her flexing her arms shows she is sweating it out at the gym. Check out this photo and share how excited are you to see a fit Losliya?



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