Bigg Boss Kavin and Losliya re-union – Are they performing together in BB Kondattam?

kavin losliya bb kondattam

Bigg Boss ended on 6th October but the buzz has not gone down, the makers of the are show are planning BB Kondattam a special program where the contestants of Bigg Boss are performing. Kavin and Losliya, who were loved by many during the course of the show, have reunited for the program, and one of their pictures has been going viral. Fans of Kavin have many expectations now as pictures of Kavin performing as Vijay and Ajith have also been shared.

Also there are news that Kavin and Losliya might perform together during BB Kondattam, we’re not sure if that’s true. We will wait for the episode which will be aired mostly during Diwali 2019. You can check out some of the BB Kondattam photos here.
kavin losliya bb kondattam


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