Bigg Boss Kannada Vote – Who got nominated for Week 1 Elimination in BB Kannada 7? Vote for your favourite contestant online

bigg boss kannada vote

Bigg Boss Kannada day 1 was filled with drama, fun, nomination for eviction, new captain and other tasks. Bigg Boss Day 1 started on 14th October Monday with introductions from 18 contestants and then there was an announcement from Bigg Boss asking everyone to come to garden area. There were three boxed and each contestant was announced to take a card from one of the those boxes. Those who gets “nominated” card gets nominated for eviction, while those who gets “immunity” card is safe this week. There is only one “Captain” card and whoever gets that becomes captain of the house for his week.

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Week 1 Captain

Bhoomi Shetty picks the captain card and she becomes captain of the BB House for this week. It must be noted that Bhoomi Shetty is the youngest contestant of this season.
(Read this to know more about Bhoomi Shetty Family and Unknown Facts)

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Week 1 Nomination List

These contestants are nominated for eviction on week 1 of Kannada season 7
Chaitra Kotoor
Chaitra Vasudevan
Gurulinga Swamy
Kuri Prathap
Raju Talikote
Ravi Belagere
(There are reports that Ravi Belagere has quit Bigg Boss due to health reasons, read more about that here)

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Voting Online

You can vote online through Bigg Boss official voting page on Voot –
You can also download Voot App and vote through that – iOS Voot APP DownloadAndrod Voot App Download
Also vote here to record for the unofficial voting poll of season 7 week 1. We will use this information to predict who will get evicted and who will get saved this week, We will update those results for our readers here daily.

Vote to save your favourite contestant

Chaitra Kottur
Chaitra Vasudevan
Gurulinga Swamy
Raju Talikote
Ravi Belagere


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