Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Contestants: These are the contestants for BBK8 starting on 28th February 2021

Bigg Boss Kannada seasson 8

Bigg Boss Season 8 is just days away from the long-awaited Kannada audience. How do acting emperor and fan-favorite Kiccha Sudeep appear in the opening of Bigg Boss 8? Who gets into the house as contestants? This curiosity is for all Big Boss fans how entertaining new guests can be. Television viewers are also interested in whether their favorite celebrities are joining the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Season 8 will begin next week on Sunday 28th February 2021. Promos released, and the routine has begun. Here’s a list of potential Big Boss contestants for the eighth season.

Anusha Ranganath, sister of Ashika Ranganath

Kannada actress Ashika Ranganath’s sister Anusha Ranganath is making a name for herself on the Bigg Boss contestants this time. Fans have been waiting for Bigg Boss to screen Anusha, who starred in Kannada films Life 360 ​​and Beautiful.

Comedy Kiladigalu Nayana
Another name that has come up in the list of Bigg Boss contestants is comedy Kiladigalu Nayana. Nayana is a talented actress. In the comedy Khiladi show, Nayana, who is in the audience, is looking forward to becoming the Bigg Boss Nayana.

Director Ravi Srivatsa
It is almost certain that Ravi Sreevatsa, the renowned director of Kannada cinema, will enter the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss Fans, Whatever Happens To Ravi Srivatsa Big Boss Go Home 99.99 percent is guaranteed.

Gundamma of Brahmaguntu serial fame
Actress Geeta Bharti Bhatt’s name in the Bigg Boss Season 8 is on the list of potential contestants through Brahmaguntu’s serial. The Brahmaguntu serial is on the verge of closing. It is also rumored that Geeta Bharti Bhatt has finished filming the Bigg Boss Intro Video.

Raghu Gowda of Raghu Wine Store
Raghu Gowda, who created the atmosphere through the Raghu Wine Store on the social network, is now the Bigg Boss house guest. Raghu Gowda Chittuku Video, Many of them already have space in Status. When Bigg Boss comes home, fans can expect spectacular entertainment from Raghu Gowda.

Ragini Dwivedi
Sandalwood actress Ragini Dwivedi has been rumored to be the contestant of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. The actress, who has been in judicial custody for 140 days on drug charges, is now out on bail. We will have to wait till the weekend to know if Ragini Dwivedi enters the Bigg Boss goes home.

Kiran Srinivas and Sunil Rao
It is rumored that Sandalwood actors Kiran Srinivas and Sunil Rao will also head to Bigg Boss. Actor Sunil is also a fan favorite. There is no shortage of Kiran Fan Followers.

Rajesh and TV actress Surveeka
Rajesh of Love Guru fame and actress Surveeka are making a big name in the Bigg Boss contestants’ survey. The expectation is that both of them will be entering the BB house as contestants.

Rajini of Aamruthavarshini and Sukrita of Agnisakshi
Sukrita, who went to fame in the Agnisakshi serial, and Rajini of Aamruthavarshini, are rumored to be guests of the house.

Singer Hanumantha
The name of Hanumantha is also going across social media as a probable contestant for the upcoming season. People like his song, his lyrics, his words. The expectation is that the village boy Hanumantha will go to Bigg Boss house.

News channel presenter Amar Prasad and senior actress Vinaya Prasad’s name are also running on social media as a probable contestant for Bigg Boss Kannada season 8.


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