Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 9th July 2021: Manju Overtakes Aravind in Voting Results for Eviction This Week?

bigg boss kannada 8 vote results elimination

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 inches closer to an eventful week after the conclusion of the luxury budget and captaincy task. Nine contestants were nominated for eliminations this week. However, one or two of the housemates will end their Bigg Boss journey this weekend. There are possibilities of a double eviction which will be verified in Sunday’s episode with Sudeep Kichcha.

The suspense around the elimination this week in BBK8 takes the limelight. The last day of voting will determine the fate of the three contestants lurking in the bottom three. Though the contestants put their best foot forward, multiple incidents impacted the voting results.

The captaincy task featured a stiff fight between KP Aravind and Shamanth. However, the former emerged victoriously and became the house captain for the third time.

BBK8 Nominations List For This Week

  • Aravind
  • Manju
  • Vaishnavi
  • Divya Suresh
  • Shamanth
  • Raghu
  • Prashanth
  • Priyanka
  • Chakravarthy

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Voting Results and Trends Analysis

  • The epic battle for supremacy will conclude in the eviction voting results for this week.
  • KP Aravind was dominating the voting results which was quite obvious. However, Manju overtook Aravind in a surprising move in most of the unofficial voting forums.
  • Manju’s exceptional task performance and resurgence is the reason for his spike in popularity.
  • Shamanth gave a tough fight to Aravind in the captaincy task but he fell short. Hence, he continues to lurk in the middle of the nominations list this week.
  • Vaishnavi, Divya Suresh and Divya Urudaga continue to be the most prominent ladies in the Bigg Boss house. However, one of them will fall short of the BBK8 finale.
  • Divya Urudaga and KP Aravind fans are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring their favorite duo’s safety.
  • Chakravarthy and Priyanka are the obvious choices for elimination this week unless Bigg Boss springs a surprise.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Top 3 Safe Contestants

Manju, Aravind, and Divya Suresh are safe from elimination this week.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Bottom 2 Contestants

  • Chakravarthy
  • Priyanka

The vote share for the unofficial voting polls of Bigg Boss Kannada 8 will be published from tomorrow.



  1. Manju shld win he is true and humble

    Arvind is trying to avoid elimination by becoming captain
    He wanted du to stay back so he did his best to do so same way
    Now all shld nominate du for elimination
    She definitely failed as a captain bring possessive with Arvind repeatedly which shld not have happened
    Du shld be nominated for elimination
    Hope BB is giving fair elimination cos nidhi was not in bottom in previously
    Everyone is faking the facts

  2. Arvind, DU, Manja are the most deserving contestants. DU is the best captain, she took right decisions. People who are against her are just jealous of her and trying to defame her. Shame on those people.

  3. Becoming captain to avoid nominations is tactic
    Arvind does not deserve it
    He has won every time by cunning game .. by cheating .. by taking rudely
    Then he says sorry without sense giving stupid statements ..
    nidhi rightly said .. he is a coward .. no sportsmanship..
    He could not sustain in sports so he has come to BB ..
    What a shame
    Moreover I think even captains shld b nominated as a policy henceforth.. they can b given other advantages though
    Only then it becomes possible for others to nominate everyone all time

    My suggestion is All shld be nominated irrespective of captaincy
    Arvind become captain cunningly ..
    so others can show their disappointment same week .. why shld he escape

    Poor Manju .. he is so humble and tolerant .. good hearted
    Arvind is scared of Manju.. he nominated Manju for some funny reasons ..
    Manju deserves win


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