Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 16th March 2021: Divya Suresh Leads The Voting Results, Prashanth Faces Eviction Danger?

bigg boss kannada 8 vote results week 3

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 enters its third week with much-needed enthusiasm, fights, and vigor inside the Bigg Boss house. The nominations and intense tasks in the second week kept the housemates on their toes. Captain of the house Rajeev was a standout among the audience but the decisive week 3 began with the nominations task on Monday.

The announcement of the nominations task in the third week was a major twist in the tale. However, there are rumors about a confirmed eviction this week. Nirmala was the second contestant to be evicted from the reality show. However, she might reenter as a wildcard entry.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Voting Results Week 3 Eviction – 16th March 2021

  • Shamanth Gowda – 12% vote share (12,775 votes)
  • Divya Suresh – 16% vote share (16,312 votes)
  • Geetha – 8% vote share (8,445 votes)
  • Nidhi Subbiah – 11% vote share (11,741 votes)
  • Prashanth Sambargi – 8% vote share (8,795 votes)
  • Vishwanath – 11% vote share (11,321 votes)
  • Aravind – 9% vote share (9,321 votes)
  • Divya Uruduga – 14% vote share (14,116 votes)
  • Raghu – 11% vote share (11,321 votes)

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Nominated Contestants Week 3

  • Shamanth Gowda
  • Prashanth
  • Divya Suresh
  • Geetha
  • Nidhi
  • Aravind
  • Raghu
  • Divya Uruduga
  • Vishwanath
  • Bigg Boss 8 Kannada Eviction Week 3 Voting Trends and Analysis

    The open nomination task and captain tasks were the major highlights of this week. However, the epic twist this season was the intense tasks that hurt the contestants from day 1.

      • Nirmala’s shocking eviction was the major highlight of the weekend.
      • Prashanth’s popularity among the audience and lack of connection makes him a probable eviction possibility this weekend.
      • Nirmala’s weird behavior at night continues to provoke the housemates as well as the audience.
      • Shankar was saved by a whisker from nominations last week by Shamanth. However, he is safe from nominations this week.
      • Shubha Pooja was reported as the eviction by several media outlets. However, she was safe according to the official voting polls.
      • Vishwanath enters the nominations for the second consecutive week.

    Captain Bro Gowda safe from nominations this week.

How to Vote in Bigg Boss Kannada 8

  • Voting can be done either online or through Voot app.
  • For online voting go to
  • Search ‘Bigg Boss Kannada 8’ and go to Bigg Boss Kannada 8 section
  • Click on ‘Vote Now’ option
  • Vote for your favorite contestant
  • Voting lines will be opened till Friday

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