Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Here’s why Sudeep will not host BBK8 this week

BBK8 Sudeep

Kichcha Sudeep has been unable to host Bigg Boss for the past two weeks due to illness. Now Sudeep has recovered. After many days of rest and healing, he is coming back strongly to host the show. However, according to the Colors Kannada channel, Sudeep was not present in the Bigg Boss Weekend episode. Sudeep also clarified this.

COVID 19 is currently creating havoc everywhere. So no matter how careful you are. Against this backdrop, Sudeep decided that it was not appropriate to host an episode of Bigg Boss Weekend. He has shared his views with fans via social media. “Even with very few crew members, I feel it’s not appropriate to film the weekend episode in this current situation. I understand the viewers will be disappointed. But I am confident that you will agree to abide by the law. Let’s believe in becoming good.”
Sudeep tweeted that he is expected to return with weekend episodes soon.

When Sudeep fell ill, many worshiped in the temples in his name for his recovery. Many in the film industry have prayed for his speedy recovery. Sudeep thanked all of them.

Thanks to Rishab Shetty, Upendra, Ravichandran, and Shivraj Kumar for calling and showing concern. Thanks to colleagues and friends of the film industry who prayed through the tweet and message, Sudeep updated on Twitter.


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