Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Contestants Update: Kavya Gowda will not participate in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8

Kavya Gowda Bigg Boss Kannada 8

Television viewers are waiting for Bigg Boss Season 8 Kannada reality show which will start on 28th February 2021. Curious fans are wondering who is going to be on Bigg Boss this time. Already a lot of artists’ names are going around the social media as contestants.

Actress Kavya Gowda is named as one of the potential contestants for BBK8. Kavya Gowda is going to be in the house of Bigg Boss this time. This time Bigg Boss house has a lot of names including Geeta of Brahmagandu fame, actor Sunil Rao, sister of Anushka Ranganath and Anusha Ranganath. But about the Kavya Gowda entry, sister Bhavya Gowda made it clear.

Bhavya Gowda has put a fullstop to this runour by saying that this time Kavya Gowda is not going to Bigg Boss house. Bhavya revealed this on her social media page. Asked whether Kavya is making an entry into the Bigg Boss house this time, Bhavya said that it was false news.

Kavya was last seen in the Radha Ramana series. Kavya had made an entry in the place of Shwetha Prasad. Kavya was acting as Miss Radha. Kavya has not appeared in any serial after this serial. So the news that she will be in Bigg Boss this time is going viral on social media.


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