Bigg Boss Kannada 8 15th April 2021 Episode: Captaincy Task Winner, Boys vs Girls Battle Will Impact Voting Results?

bigg boss kannada 8 vote results week 7

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 reaches a decisive phase as the show completes the half way mark.The fun and frolic was at peak in the house on the account of Ugadi. However, the captaincy task kept the housemates on their toes. The winner of captaincy task will play a critical role as elimination danger lurks around.

The highlight of the seventh week of Bigg Boss Kannada 8 was the ‘Boys vs Girls’ task. Nidhi and Prashanth were the wardens of the boys and girls hostel. The wildcard entry Priyanka impressed the masses with her performance. She is definitely here to stay and is a fighter. Prashanth was totally disconnected from the task and failed to impress. He is not nominated for eviction this week.

Bigg Boss 8 Kannada Captaincy Task Winner and Highlights

The task catches up steam as it enters the concluding phase. The girls dominated in all three rounds so far and collected three flags. However, will the boys bounce back or heed an easy victory to girls? The captain of the house awaits major responsibilities and pressure in terms of managing the fragile house.

The impressive performers of this week were some of them who were nominated. However, the danger of eviction looms large on three major contestants.

Bigg Boss 8 Kannada Nominations List Week 7

  • Aravind
  • Divya Suresh
  • Divya Uruduga
  • Manju
  • Rajeev
  • Shamanth
  • Vishwanath
  • Chakravarthy

Bigg Boss 8 Kannada Eviction Week 7 Voting Trends and Analysis

Divya Suresh and Divya Urudaga are getting maximum traction from the captaincy task. It would be interesting to see if the duo will continue to impress the audience in the upcoming weeks. Rajeev is a strong contender and so in Aravind. Shamanth, Vishwanath and Chakravarthy are clearly in the bottom of the voting results.

There is a clear divide between the top five and bottom three nominees from this week. Bigg Boss Kannada 8 is known for its surprises. We can expect a couple of them in the upcoming week. With double eviction last week, there are chances of no eviction taking place this week. However, the suspense will be revealed on Sunday’s episode by host Sudeep.




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