Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Voting Results Week 2 – Who is getting eliminated this weekend?

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Bigg Boss Kannada 7 weekend of week 2 has arrived. It’s time to face Sudeep and his roasting as he is ready to roast Sujatha and Chandan for their behaviour. Both Sujatha and Chandan are nominated for eviction and they’re both in danger as people have not voted for them.

Chaitra Kotur is leading the voting with 32% of vote followed by Priyanka with 22% of vote. Previously Priyanka was leading the vote but has lost it to Chaitra who has now become a favourite for fans. Chandar, Chaitra Vasudevan, Sujatha and Deepika are in danger of elimination.

Sujatha is in most danger as she is the one with least votes and people are not liking her. She may get eliminated this week. What happened yesterday in luxury budget task. You can read about that below. Whom do you think should get eliminated comment below.

In the latest episode of bigg boss 7 Kannada Sujatha is seen in the confession room. Bigg Boss assigns her a secret task. He commands her to stop talking to the housemates until the next command. Bigg Boss also informs Sujatha that the housemates will lose 200 luxury budget points if she fails to do the task.

Bigg Boss assigns a secret task to Shine as well, according to which, he needs to disturb Sujatha and make her speak. Bigg Boss also informs him that the housemates would gain 2000 luxury budget points if Shine succeeds in the task. Bigg Boss assigns a secret task to Chaithra Vasudevan. He instructs Chaithra to change 10 different dresses by evening. Chaithra gets excited and manages to complete the task successfully.

Later in the evening, Bhoomi Shetty is seen selling apples in the disguise of a fruit vendor. She asks the inmates to give their respective belongings to purchase an apple. By the end of the task, Bhoomi manages to earn 2000 luxury budget points.

Bigg Boss sends a note to the contestants, according to which, Rashmi names Bhoomi as the best performer and Sujatha as the worst performer of the task. Sujatha is sent to jail as a punishment until further instructions.



  1. Your information is incorrect. After seeing yesterday’s episode, still you are sticking to Chaitra Kottur who is actually safe.
    Please be more updated


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