Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Day 103 January 24th Update: Actress Ranjini Raghavan Schools Contestants on Kannada Knowledge and Awareness of Karnataka Districts!


Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 completes 103 days! With less than 10 days for the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Kannada 7, the contestants are going all guns blazing to secure their spot in the coveted finals. According to reports, Vasuki is the winner of the Ticket to Finale.

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Episode Highlights: Actress Rajini Lights Up BBK7 House

Today’s episode the episode starts off with a water volleyball task between Shine and Vasuki’s teams. Shine’s team loses the water volleyball task. However, after another water related task, the contestants are in for a massive surprise.

Actress Ranjini Raghavan makes a surprise entry into the house and the housemates lack any information about who she is. Ranjini veils herself under the name of Bhuvaneshwari and she reveals plans for her upcoming show. After spending some time together, Ranjini begins her Kannada language grammar classes. She gives phrases for the contestants to write in Kannada and punishes the ones who make mistakes.

Kuri Prathap makes funny comments and justifications about his errors which leads to a lighter moment of joy in the house.

This grammatical dictation task is followed by a task which involves naming all the districts of the Karnataka map correctly. The housemates shout out their guesses but Vasuki and Shine Shetty end up finding most of the districts correctly.

Contestants enjoy their tasks with Ranjini and she bids farewell to the contestants and wishes them all the best.

After Ranjini’s exit, Bigg Boss passes on the message for a Hershey’s kisses task. Vasuki, Shine and Harish are partnered with another contestant while Deepika Das is the judge. The contestants have to find Hershey’s Kisses chocolates from the box and place them on the picture of the chocolate. After this, there is a task where one contestant throws a kisses chocolate into the bowl of another contestant and if they catch it, they can reveal one word which describes their variety of Kisses chocolate. Shine Shetty and kuri Prathap win this task.



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