Bigg Boss Kannada 7 contestant Deepika Das is related to KGF Yash, here are the details read below

deepika das bigg boss kannada

Deepika Das is one of the most famous season 7 contestant of Bigg Boss Kannada. She is a famous actress on Kannada tv series Naagini where she was reprising the role of Amritha. She was known for her glamorous acting in the series and it has garnered her a huge fanbase. Not many knew that Deepika Das is related to KGF star Yash, Deepika and Yash are cousins.The actress is the first cousin of Yash from the maternal side. Although they have never mentioned about their relationship anywhere, the cousins share a good bond among themselves.

Interestingly, both of them have carved a clear niche of themselves in the entertainment industry and have immense fan followers respectively. Deepika has a huge fanbase on social media which would help her to get votes easily incase she gets nominated for elimination. Do you think she can win Bigg Boss season 7 Kannada? Comment below.


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