Bigg Boss Contestant Tharshan Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Sanam Shetty For Sherin? Exclusive Details Revealed


Tharshan and Sherin’s relationship fiasco escalated to a new level after Vanitha’s escalation of the happenings in the house. During the episode on Day 74, Vanitha called Tharshan and Sherin’s relationship ‘an affair’. Sherin was flabbergasted at her accusation and was shattered at the accusations made against her. Though she clarified that Sherin and Tharshan were just friends, Vanitha quoted Tharshan’s girlfriend outside the house and stated that

Sanam Shetty was in tears in the video released by her. Sanam Shetty congratulated Tharshan’s journey for 75 days in the house. She narrated the incident in house where Vanitha and Sherin fought for the Tharshan relationship issue. Sanam’s name was muted during the episode.

All Was Not Well Between Sanam and Tharshan After His Eviction From Bigg Boss Tamil 3?

After Tharshan got evicted, there were speculations that he might breakup with Sanam. However that did not happen. Sanam Shetty was very happy to receive Tharshan outside the house. The couple were spotted at several events and functions together. Social media was filled with their pictures which symbolized strong togetherness.

However, it looks like all was not well between Tharshan and Sanam post Bigg Boss eviction. A lot of rumors came out suggesting Sherin is keeping her interests for Tharshan as a secret.

Did Tharshan Read Sherin’s Secret Love Letter Inside the House?

Some speculations involve Sherin’s letter which she wrote when Tharshan was also inside the house. However, Sherin tore it and ensured nobody read her feelings. Tharshan guessed that the letter was for him and he was eager to read it. However, it was unclear if Tharshan read it or not. The question now revolves around that letter and if Tharshan read the letter which caused his breakup with Sanam.

After the Bigg Boss show, Sanam and Darshan became zodiacal. Pair around town. Meanwhile, the video of Darshan and Sherin taking part in the Bigg Boss celebration of the video was viewed as ‘Bigg Boss’.

Recently Sanam Shetty took to Instagram to reveal her tough phase which she is going through.

In this case, Sanam Shetty posted on Instagram that the love between her and Tharshan is broken. The post read, “Never regret if uv given unconditionally!
When they want to walk out hold the door open !
Time will tell if its a loss or gain.”.

Sanam Shetty’s fans consoled her after her breakup post became viral.


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