Bigg Boss contestant Shivani Narayanan posts a glamorous photo on social media, fans are delighted

Shivani Narayanan

Shivani Narayanan usually posts glamorous photos and videos on her Instagram page at exactly 4 pm daily before attending the Bigg Boss show. It is known that thousands of likes are accumulating for every photo she posts.

It is noteworthy that Shivani Narayanan, who stayed in Bigg Boss house for more than 90 days, came out as a ‘Singapen’. At this point, Shivani deleted all the old sexy photos she had on her Instagram after coming out of the show, and a few of the photos she recorded after that were with traditional outfits.

Now Shivani Narayanan once again has posted a glamorous photo on her Instagram to woo her 4 PM fans, and they are excited to see her in action. Shivani’s fans, who have been giving likes to this photo, as usual, have been commenting that ‘Shivani is back on form.’



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