Bigg Boss Abhinay family photo goes viral on social media

Bigg Boss Abhinay

Abhinay, one of the biggest show contestants, was eliminated last Sunday, and his family photos are now going viral on social media.

Abhinay, one of the Bigg Boss contestants, has been at the Bigg Boss house for the past 75 days, and it was only last Sunday that he was eliminated. It is noteworthy that while he was at the Bigg Boss house, fellow contestants reported that his attitude towards Pavni was widely criticized as they were romantically linked inside the house.

Family photos of Bigg Boss Abinay in this position are currently out. It is noteworthy that it contains photos of him with his wife and child and the presence of Akshara, one of the Bigg Boss contestants in his family photo, which is surprising to everyone. These photos are currently going viral.

Bigg Boss Abhinay Akshara


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