Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote: One Vote, One Tide—Nagarjuna Overhauls Voting System to Regain Audience Trust

bb7 telugu voting

Fasten your seatbelts, Bigg Boss fans—Season 7, hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna, is not just another season. Branded as the ‘Ulta Pulta’ season, the show promises twists and turns that will knock your socks off. And it starts with something every Bigg Boss aficionado has an opinion about—the voting process!

One Vote Per Contestant, No More, No Less!

Gone are the days of ‘Google Voting’ and the 10-votes-per-contestant freedom that let fans distribute their love—or disdain—across multiple housemates. Say hello to a new era of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu voting. A single vote is all you get this season, whether you’re voting through Disney Plus Hot Star or casting your ballot via missed calls. Nagarjuna means business!

Auditing for Authenticity

Fake accounts beware! Nagarjuna has bad news for you too. In an effort to bring more integrity and fairness to the voting process, the host has signaled that this season’s stringent rules are intended to weed out false votes. For the audience who’ve lost faith in the voting process, believing that deserving contestants were unfairly ousted, this is the Bigg Boss production team saying, “We hear you!”

Past, Present, and the Ulta Pulta Future

In past seasons, viewers had multiple ways to cast their votes—from emails in the first couple of seasons to a more diversified approach involving Hot Star apps and missed calls from Season 3 onwards. Fans could cast up to ten votes for their favorite contestants, sometimes even spreading their votes between multiple housemates.

However, this season flips the script, or rather, the vote. It’s the epitome of “one person, one vote,” a democratic principle now fully embraced by the Bigg Boss franchise, courtesy of the ‘Ulta Pulta’ mantra.

Why the Change?

The revamp isn’t just for shock value. It’s a strategic move aimed at restoring credibility to the Bigg Boss voting process. Over the years, several controversies have plagued the voting system, from criticisms that deserving players were being unfairly eliminated to allegations of fake account manipulations. Nagarjuna and the team hope that by simplifying the system, they can restore faith and add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability.

So, Ready to Cast Your Singular, Powerful Vote?

This is Bigg Boss, but not as you’ve known it. With the introduction of the ‘Ulta Pulta’ season and the new “One Vote, One Tide” policy, your vote has never been more valuable. So make it count, because this time, every single vote truly matters.

Stay tuned to see how these changes affect the game dynamics and remember—your vote has the power to make or break a contestant’s journey. Happy voting!


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