Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Week 2 Nominations: The Heat Rises in Both Big and Small Houses!

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil nomination week 2

As the clock ticks every Monday, the Bigg Boss house teeters on the edge of tension and suspense. It’s nomination time! Week 2 has amplified the intensity, especially with the house divided into two categories: the Big House and the Small House. Curious about this week’s nominations? Let’s break it down!

Big House Nominations:

  • Vinusha: Nominates Maya and Vishnu
  • Purnima: Targets Pradeep and Suresh
  • Raveena: Points out Vishnu and Maya
  • Vichitra: Casts her vote against Vishnu and Maya
  • Nixon: Opts for Pradeep and Vishnu
  • Jovika: Zeroes in on Vishnu and Maya
  • Yukendran: Names Vishnu and Maya
  • Akshaya: Pinpoints Pradeep and Vishnu
  • Vikram: Signals towards Vishnu and Suresh
  • Mani Chandra: Focuses on Maya and Vishnu

Small House Nominations:

  • Issue: Nominates Akshay and Jovika
  • Pradeep: Eyes Purnima and Visitra
  • Vishnu: Calls out Akshaya and Jovika
  • Vijay: Highlights Akshaya and Poornima
  • Maya: Puts forth Mani and Vichitra
  • Suresh: Targets Jovika and Akshaya

Collating the data from above, we see a significant pattern. From the Small House, Vishnu, Maya, and Pradeep find themselves in the red zone. Meanwhile, from the Big House, Akshaya, Jovika, Poornima, and Visitra are facing the heat of possible eviction.

That totals to 7 nail-biting nominations this week, matching the pulse-raising count from the previous week. With so many dynamic contestants on the line, the week promises intense voting battles and high drama.

🚨 Who will survive, and who will bid adieu to the Bigg Boss House in Week 2? The countdown has begun! Make sure to support your favorites! 🚨


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