Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Salary: Revealed and Ranked, The Buzzing Salaries of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Contestants!

BB 7 Tamil Contestants Salary

Gleaming under the spotlight, the house of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is not only reverberating with drama and alliances but is also a bubbling pot of varied yet intriguing salary figures. Is the enthralling experience of the housemates matched by their per-day earnings? Let’s dive into the financial waves of the Bigg Boss house!

Cool Suresh, the cinematic promoter and comeback kid, racks up ₹18,000/day, while YouTube Sensation P00rnima Ravi brings home a neat ₹15,000 daily. Surprisingly, Raveena, from ‘Ratchasan’ to serials, earns a seemingly modest ₹18/day, sparking curious whispers amongst fans.

Pradeep Antony, known friend to Gavin and Bigg Boss S3 star, packs a daily ₹20,000, while Rapper Nixon and Insta-famed Vinusha Devi draw ₹13,000 and ₹20,000 respectively. Amidst the melange, Manichandra, the King of Dance, curiously matches Raveena’s ₹18/day, leaving fans to ponder the narratives behind these figures.

🌟 Jovika, daughter to Vanitha, Akshaya Udayakumar, and Aishu evenly earn ₹13,000, ₹15,000, and ₹15,000 per day, offering a stable mid-range in the financial hierarchy within the house. Ascending the ladder, ‘Office’ serial star Vishnu outshines with a daily ₹25,000.

Maya Krishna and Saravanan Vikram, celebs from ‘Vikram’ and ‘Pandyan Stores’ serial, maintain a stable ₹18,000 each per day, followed by Yugendra, Malaysia Vasudevan’s progeny, and renowned actress Vichitra sharing the spotlight with ₹27,000/day.

In an unexpected twist, Bhava Chelaturai, the famed writer, overshadows many actors with a ₹28,000 daily pocket, and at the base, Ananya Rao and Vijay Varma, the ‘Thalaiva’ background dancer, brings home ₹12,000 and ₹15,000 respectively.

🔍Snapshot of Salaries: A Closer Look at BB7 Tamil Earnings🔍

Contestant Daily Salary
Cool Suresh ₹18,000
Poornima Ravi ₹15,000
Raveena ₹18,000
Pradeep Antony ₹20,000
Nixon ₹13,000
Vinusha Devi ₹20,000
Manichandra ₹18,000
Akshaya Udayakumar ₹15,000
Jovika ₹13,000
Aishu ₹15,000
Vishnu ₹25,000
Maya Krishna ₹18,000
Saravanan Vikram ₹18,000
Yugendra ₹27,000
Vichitra ₹27,000
Bhava Chelaturai ₹28,000
Ananya Rao ₹12,000
Vijay Varma ₹15,000

🚀 The burning question arises: Are the financial flows of BB7 Tamil an adequate reflection of each contestant’s efforts and popularity, or are they a mere catalyst for further narratives and unfolding dramas within the house? 🚀

🎥 Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the complex and intriguing behind-the-scenes world of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil! 🎥


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