Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Voting Results 15th September: Adi Faces Eviction Risk?

Bigg-Boss-Telugu-6-Voting-results-2ndweek elimination

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu vote concludes its second week of intense drama. The captaincy task for the second week takes the limelight as four contestants are in fray. Bigg Boss 6 Telugu voting results for the second week will conclude on Friday as the first eviction danger haunts the seven nominated contestants.

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Bigg Boss 6 Telugu voting window opened in the first week but there was no eviction during the first weekend. Incidentally, there are high chances of a twist in the elimination scene this week.
Please stay tuned to ‘Thenewscrunch’ for the live updates about the week 2 elimination details.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 2nd Week Nomination List

The Bigg Boss 6 Telugu week 2 nominations for elimination includes:

  • Abinaya
  • Adi
  • Faima
  • Geethu
  • Marina and Rohit(consider as one contestant)
  • Raj
  • Revanth

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Live Online

Cast your vote to show your supporters a favorite from the list below.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Week 2 Live

  • Abinaya – 6.09%
  • Adi – 5.31%
  • Faima – 17.59%
  • Geethu – 12.40%
  • Marina and Rohit(consider as one contestant) – 10.32%
  • Raj – 14.10%
  • Revanth – 32.43%

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Analysis week 2 – September 15 2022 Live

  • Geethu Royal stole maximum screen time ahead of a crucial week. As negativity spreads, so is her popularity.
  • In week 1 there were a no elimination announced by the team. So according to week 2 the speculations and expectations are high in the media and viewers.
  • Revanth continues to hold the highest vote share, thanks to his charisma and ability to captivate the audience.
  • Adi Reddy is a tough competitor in terms of tasks but his appeal is lacking. The audience continue to vote for the others in the nominations list.
  • Abinaya was in the bottom three in the first week voting results. However, she fails to create a gamechanging impact.
  • Geethu, Faima and Revanth are safe from eviction danger in Bigg Boss 6 Telugu voting results in this week.
  • Currently Sisindri task is going on among the contestants. It is very funny and interesting to watch. Having said, Geethu is become a top content giver of the show.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestant list

The below are the Telugu Bigg Boss contestants list.

  • Marina Abraham
  • Rohit Sahni
  • Bala Aditya
  • Vasanthi Krishnan
  • Shaani Salmon
  • Inaya Sulthana
  • Raj Shekar
  • Arohi Rao
  • LV Revanth
  • Keerthi Bhat
  • Chalanki Chanti
  • Srihan
  • Adi Reddy
  • RJ Surya
  • Faima Sheik
  • Neha Chowdary
  • Sudeepa Pinky
  • Sri Satya
  • Arjun Kalyan
  • Geetu Royal
  • Abhinaya Shree

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote Missed Call Numbers

Sr No. Contestant Name Missed Call Status
1 Adi Reddy 7288877617 Competing
2 Bala Aditya 7288877611 Competing
3 Arjun Kalyan 7288877607 Competing
4 Arohi Rao 7288877619 Competing
5 Abhinaya Sree 7288877609 Competing
6 Chalaki Chanti 7288877605 Competing
7 Faima 7288877616 Competing
8 Geetu Royal 7288877608 Competing
9 Inaya Sultana 7288877614 Competing
10 Keerthi Bhat 7288877601 Competing
11 Rohit & Marina Sahni 7288877610 Competing
12 Shani Salmon 7288877613 Competing
13 Neha Chowdary 7288877604 Competing
14 Revanth 7288877620 Competing
15 Sri Satya 7288877606 Competing
16 Shrihan 7288877603 Competing
17 Sudeepa Pinky 7288877602 Competing
18 RJ Surya 7288877615 Competing
19 Raja Shekar 7288877618 Competing
20 Vasanthi Krishnan 7288877612 Competing


Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Voting Process

  • The Bigg Boss 6 Telugu voting lines will open on Monday night after the nominations task episode concludes. The voting window is open until the end of Friday’s episode.
  • Bigg Boss 6 Telugu vote online voting process is via Disney+ Hotstar app.
  • Login to the Disney+ Hotstar app from your phone/tablet.
  • Search for ‘Bigg boss 6 telugu’ or click on tbe Bigg Boss Telugu banner.
  • Click on vote now button to open the page with the list of nominated contestants.
  • Click on your favorite contestant to cast your vote.
  • A maximum of ten votes per day is allowed per account.


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