Bigg Boss 6 Telugu nominations list for week 7 elimination, voting results?


Hosted by superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni, Bigg Boss 6 is a hit among the fans! Fans are watching it on star maa or Disney+ Hotstar. The premiere of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 was aired on the 4th of September. And every week is full of surprises and masala for the audience to watch and enjoy! 

Fans are always waiting for every single update regarding their favourite show and artists. Here, we are with a write-up that is going to update the fans with the nomination list for week 7 , voting results and much more! 

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants List 

Keerthi Bhat

Chalanki Chanti


Adi Reddy

RJ Surya

Faima Sheik

Neha Chowdary

Sudeepa Pinky

Sri Satya

Arjun Kalyan

Geetu Royal

Abhinaya Shree

Marina Abraham

Rohit Sahni

Bala Aditya

Vasanthi Krishnan

Shaani Salmon

Inaya Sulthana

Raj Shekar

Arohi Rao

LV Revanth

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Nominations List Week 7 Public Voting














These are the names that came for the nomination procedures for week 7! 

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Voting Result Percentage Week 7 Trends

Fatima 23.08% (3 votes)

Revanth 23.08% (3 votes)

Rohit 15.38% (2 votes)

Aditya 7.69% (1 vote)

Marina 7.69% (1 vote)

Raj 7.69% (1 vote)

Shihan 7.69% (1 vote)

Vasanthi 7.69% (1 vote) 

These are the percentage of votes gained by the audience for each of the nominated players from the Bigg Boss house! This is going to be very interesting to see which one of them is going to be the one who will not be continuing their journey in Bigg Boss house season 6!

Fans who are wishing to watch their favorite players on the Bigg Boss house need to vote for them. This is going to save them from leaving the house and then they will be continuing the games to win. The procedure for the elimination is all in the hands of the audience. So, this is a great chance to save them! 

The one who is going to get the smallest amount of votes, will not be the one to continue their journey in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. However, there are several ways to vote for their favorite players from the house. From season 6, votes will only be considered of the players who got from disney Hotstar. 



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