bigg boss 6 telugu final voting results 8th October: Revanth is Captain, Fifth Elimination Update

bigg boss 6 telugu online voting results 5th week elimination

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu vote completes its fifth week with an interesting set of tasks. Bigg Boss 6 Telugu continues at a steady pace as the captaincy task concludes.Bigg Boss 6 Telugu voting results for the fifth week consists of eight nominations. However, the fight for the fifth eviction of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu is a close fight between Aditya and Chanti on the final voting day.

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Bigg Boss 6 Telugu introduced the pair nominations task this week. According to reports,a male contestant will be eliminated this week to maintain the gender balance in the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house. On that note, Arjun lurked in danger zone right from the first day of voting results window.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Voting Results – BB 6 Telugu 5th Week Nomination List

  • Adi Reddy
  • Inaya Sulthana
  • Faima
  • Vasanthi
  • Baladitya
  • Marina
  • Arjun
  • Chanti

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Live Online Poll – Day 3 – 4th October 2022

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Live Voting Results Poll 5th Week Elimination

    • Adi Reddy – 21% votes share
    • Inaya Sulthana – 9% votes share
    • Faima – 13% votes share
    • Vasanthi – 8% votes share
    • Baladitya – 14% votes share
    • Marina – 12% votes share


    • Arjun – 6% votes share


  • Chanti – 7% votes share

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Analysis – 8th October 2022

  • The voting results shows a tough fight in the bottom danger zone between Arjun, Chanti and Vasanthi. However, the votes for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu elimination could change on Friday.
  • Adi Reddy, Faima and Bala Aditya cruise to safety on the final day of voting results for week 5 elimination.
  • Revanth becomes the captain of the house in a tough fight between Bala Aditya, VJ Raju and Revanth for the captaincy.
  • Inaya lurked in danger during the first three weeks but is capitalizing on a bad start.

How to Vote Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Fifth Week Elimination on Hotstar App

For your queries on “How to Vote for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu?” below are the answers:

  • Download Hotstar App from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Create or login to your account on Hotstar App
  • Search for ‘Bigg Boss’ using the search box on the top right.
  • Select the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu show banner.
  • Now, you will find a Voting option below the latest Bigg Boss Ultimate video
  • Click the Vote button to cast your votes
  • Images of Nominated contestants will appear on the screen
  • Tap on your favorite contestant and split your votes
  • You can vote a maximum of 10 votes a day (Voting closes at midnight)

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Eliminated List

  • Shani Salmon
  • Abhinaya
  • Neha
  • Arohi


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