Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Final Online Voting Results Update First Elimination

bigg boss 6 telugu vote final voting results first week elimination

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu series is all set to reach its week 1 elimination in this weekend. All the eight contestants under the elimination list must be in high mind oscillations about their cut away from the show. Viewers of the BB6 Telugu show have started showing more response to the week 1 vote.

Among the 8 contestants, Abhinaya and Iniya’s poll gets the lease amount of votes, who must be in their danger zone respectively. Lets see the update about Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Voting Results 9th September here.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Voting Results – Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 1st Week Nomination List

  • Sri Sathya
  • Chalanki Chanti
  • Abhinaya Sri
  • Inaya Sulthana
  • Arohi Rao
  • LV Revanth
  • Faima Sheik
  • Bala Aditya

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Live Online Poll – Day 2 – 9th September 2022

  • Sri Sathya – 20%
  • Chalanki Chanti – 12%
  • Abhinaya Sri – 3%
  • Inaya Sulthana – 2%
  • Arohi Rao – 11%
  • LV Revanth -21%
  • Faima Sheik – 25%
  • Bala Aditya -6%

Vote percentage details of above mentioned list contestants as per online voting result we received unofficially.

Who is your favorite contestant among the elimination list of BB6 Telugu Week1?

Poll your vote to show the maximum support to your favorite contestants.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Analysis – 9th September 2022

  • The most votes for nominations from contestants are high to Revanth and Sri Sathya.
  • The trend goes like the behavior of Revanth and Sri Sathya has not in good terms with their co-contestants.
  • But Sri Sathya and Revanth’s attitude towards the game has been getting whole support from the audience perspective.
  • Since it is a week 1 there were many chances for twists and turns in the last minute from the viewers.
  • The contestants are still not fully opened to the game as required. Henceforth there are high chances for ups and downs in the voting counts.
  • Faima is getting a high support  from the audience, so Fiama is suspected to get part among the top list of BB6 Telugu show. So chances are minimal that for Fiama gets eliminated in this Week 1 elimination process.
  • Bala Adithya got selected as 1st captain of BB6 Telugu show. So he might get liberation from the elimination part. However we have to wait until this week end to know about this.
  • Overall, looking into online polling result Inaya and Abhinaya are in least voting count who might be fall into red zone of elimination part.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestant list

The below are the Telugu Bigg Boss contestants list.

  • Marina Abraham
  • Rohit Sahni
  • Bala Aditya
  • Vasanthi Krishnan
  • Shaani Salmon
  • Inaya Sulthana
  • Raj Shekar
  • Arohi Rao
  • LV Revanth
  • Keerthi Bhat
  • Chalanki Chanti
  • Srihan
  • Adi Reddy
  • RJ Surya
  • Faima Sheik
  • Neha Chowdary
  • Sudeepa Pinky
  • Sri Satya
  • Arjun Kalyan
  • Geetu Royal
  • Abhinaya Shree


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