Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants Update: Anchor Dhanush to be the first contestant of season 6

Anchor Dhanus Bigg Boss 6 Telugu

The Indian-produced Bigg Boss Telugu OTT show is heading to the final stages of the competition, and it is only few days away from the finale. Bigg Boss Telugu organisers is being prepared for an additional season once the OTT season concludes.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 fans are eager to find out who will enter season 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu. If you want to know more about who all will be entering the season, read here. We have verified from our reliable sources that anchor Dhanush intends to take Bigg Boss Telugu season 6. Anchor Dhanush and anchor Shiva who was a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu OTT are not only friends but real-life chums.

Hyderabad’s TV Anchor Dhanush will be appearing in the family episode in Bigg Boss Telugu OTT shows. The show organisers are planning to feature Dhanush in BB Non Stop to the audience before he gets into season 6. However, there are no formal confirmations from the producers’ end on this news.

Stay tuned to get more updates on Bigg Boss 6 Telugu.


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