Bigg Boss 6 Telugu contestants: These are the 19 confirmed contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestants

It is known that Bigg Boss season 6 will start on Sunday, September 4, 2022. But there is a discussion about who are the contestants who are going to enter the house. While a total of 19 contestants will enter the house, 15 contestants will be sent on the launch day, and the remaining four will be sent through wild card entry. But who is on the list of 19, and the waiting list can be seen here?

The selection of contestants for Bigg Boss season 6 is underway. Out of a total of 25 contestants, 19 contestants are final. They will be sent to star hotels for quarantine. Bigg Boss Season 6 is going to start on Sunday, September 4. The final selected contestants will be kept in quarantine for a week. While some contestants have already reached Hyderabad, shooting unique videos related to them has also been completed.

According to the leaked information, the details of the 19 contestants who will enter the Bigg Boss house are for you. Many names have already come out regarding who the contestants are. In comparison, the details of the finalists in the list of 25 selected until the last minute are kept secret.

It is special that Abhinaya Sri, who rocked with the item song A means Amalapuram, is on the list of contestants. Along with her, there is also a common man. Let’s see the list of those 19 contestants and some others waiting.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Contestants

  • Baladitya
  • Youtuber Adi Reddy
  • Hero Arjun Kalyan – (Arjun Kalyan)
  • Rajasekhar (Common Man)
  • Sudeepa (Sudeepa Pinky)- Pinky of I like you fame
  • Jabardasth Fatima
  • Jabardast Chalaki Chanti (Chalaki Chanti)
  • Galatta Geetu
  • Srihan (Actor Sirhan)
  • Singer Revanth
  • Deepika Pilli
  • Vasanthi Krishnan
  • Anchor Aarohi Rao alias Ismart Anjali
  • Tanmai
  • Serial Actress Sri Satya
  • Abhinayashree
  • Rohit Sahni is a serial actor
  • Marina Abraham is a serial actress
  • RJ Surya (Optional)
  • Inaya Sultana-RGV Heroine -Inaya Sultana (Optional)

Rohit and Marina are husband and wife. They are familiar to the television audience. An interesting story about them is for you.


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