Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestant Update: Will Arjun Kalyan get votes from public?

Arjun Kalyan Bigg Boss 6 Telugu

No matter how many criticisms there are on the Bigg Boss show, the craze does not diminish. Bigg Boss is a hit in all languages. So far, five seasons have been held in Telugu and one season in OTT. And today, the sixth season has started grandly. Nagarjuna Vikram entered the event with a background score. King says dialogues in his style that if anyone should try something new in this field, it is me.

King Nag shows all areas with songs and games. After that, Keerthy Bhatt entered as the first contestant. After that, he showed a promo for the second contestant. Pinky alias Sudeepa, famous for the movie Tu Nak Nachchaav, has arrived. Siri’s boyfriend Srihan came as the third contestant. Neha came as the fourth contestant. Chalaki Chanti came as the fifth contestant. Presenter and anchor Neha came as the sixth contestant. Arjun Kalyan entered as the seventh contestant.

Arjun talks about his career. He said that he went from short films to movies. He said he would be seen as Anupama’s boyfriend in the movie Premam. But Arjun Kalyan told about his love stories. He said that he should not say how many people he loved. Gentlemen said not to say that. But he said truth and dare.. tells the truth that no one knows.

But he told the story of his breakup. He said that he went into a lot of depression. But Arjun gave chocolate to Kalyan. He said that he should feed the same chocolate to another person. And in the card drawn by Arjun Kalyan, there is a black heart.


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