Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Online Voting Results 8th Week – 30th November 2022


Bigg Boss Season 6 is come back with newly top 16 candidates. Every week housemates nominate a few members for elimination. The elimination is decided by public voting. Fans vote for their favorite nominated contestant and the one who receives the least votes is eliminated.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil voting results window will open once the nominations task is concluded earlier this week.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Nominations List Week 8th Public Voting

  • Kathiravan
  • Janany
  • Rachitha
  • Dhanalakshmi
  • Queency
  • Myna

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Voting Result Percentage Week 8 – 30th November 2022

  • Kathiravan 30.86% (92,588 votes)
  • Janany 19.4% (58,186 votes)
  • Rachitha 16.73% (50,192 votes)
  • Dhanalakshmi 12.94% (38,824 votes)
  • Myna 10.73% (32,202 votes)
  • Queency 9.33% (27,997 votes)

Team tribals and aliens must enter each others zones and endure the opponents acts to win the rewards. However when things get personal, they indulge in ugly fights

How to vote for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 on Disney+ Hotstar?

  • Download Disney+ Hotstar or visit
  • Login with your mobile no. or email id
  • Search for ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6’ and click on the banner
  • Click on ‘Vote Now’
  • The list of nominated contestants will be displayed.
  • Click on ‘Vote’ button next to the contestant’s name/picture
  • Click on Done and your vote will be submitted
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  • Displaying Biggboss Tamil S6 nov 30.txt.
  • BB Tamil 6 nov 30.txt
  • Displaying BB Tamil 6 nov 30.txt.


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