Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Nominations List for Week 4 Elimination, Voting Results?

bigg boss tamil season 6 elimination nominations list 4th week voting results

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil kickstarts with a fiery note as the fourth week commences after a cracking weekend episode. The fourth week of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 started off with the nominations task. Five contestants are nominated by the 19 housemates who will feature in the nominations list for the first elimination of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil. Amuthavanan, Robert and Ram are safe from nominations this week. However, five contestants enter eviction danger as voting results indicates a tough week for Sheriina and Ayesha.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil voting results window will open once the nominations task is concluded next week. Manikanda became the captain of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 house.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Nominations List Week 4 Elimination

  • Ayesha
  • Azeem
  • Vikraman
  • Kathiravan
  • Sheriina

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Third Elimination Nominations List Task Updates

  • The five housemates are nominated on the basis of competitiveness and their game over the last couple of weeks. However, three other contestants are safe from the third elimination nominations list as a result of the nominations task.
  • Azeem and Ayesha are the most popular pair nominations for this week.
  • Azeem received the highest nominations followed by Shivin and Nivashini.
  • Kathiravan enters his first nominations appearance this week. However, Sheriina will be in danger zone this weekend.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Voting Results – Week 4 – 31st October 2022 Live Poll

Bigg Boss 6  Nominations List Pair Updates

  • Ayesha nominated Azeem and Kathiravan
  • Azeem nominated Shivin and Maheshwari
  • Amuthavanan nominated Ayesha and Azeem
  • Maheshwari nominated Azeem and Ayesha
  • Ram nominated Myna and Kathiravan
  • Dhanalakshmi nominated Ayesha and ADK
  • Vikraman nominated Sheriina and Kathiravan
  • Nivashini nominated Sheriina and Ayesha
  • Robert nominated Ayesha and Azeem
  • Sheriina nominated Rachitha and Vikraman
  • ADK nominated Azeem and Ayesha
  • Janany nominated Kathiravan and Sheriina
  • Rachita nominated Azeem and ADK
  • Kathiravan nominated Azeem and Dhalakshmi
  • Manikanta nominated Shivin and Vikraman
  • Shivin nominated Maheshwari and Azeem
  • Queency nominated Azeem and Dhalakshmi
  • Myna Nandini nominated Vikraman and Queency



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