Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Elimination: This Contestant is Evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Due to Least Votes!

bigg boss 6 tamil voting results week 4 elimination

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil completes its fourth week amidst the controversy filled TV channel task. The fourth week elimination nominations list features five contestants. The voting results battle went down to the wire with Ayesha and Sheriina facing eviction danger.

Bigg Boss Tamil voting window closed for the third elimination nominations. Few strong contestants face the audience yet again in this season. This spiced up the urge among the contestants to set their game face forward to avoid becoming the third eviction in Bigg Boss 6 Tamil.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Third Eviction Update (Week 4)

The captaincy task was a physical task with Manikanta winning the captaincy challenge. There are quite a lot of rumors about the well deserved elimination in the fourth week. Ayesha and Sheriina are in the bottom two this week. However, the vote share difference between Ayesha and Sheriina is minuscule. However, the official update on the fourth eviction indicates safety for Kathir, Azeem and Vikraman.

Sheriina is the third elimination of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil. However, Kathiravan’s survival is subjected to his performances in the upcoming week. The next captain will be safe from the fifth week nominations, while Azeem, Dhanalakshmi and Maheshwari are popular nomination probables. Sheriina’s attitude during the doll house task pushed her to the bottom of the voting results.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Elimination List (4th Week)

  • Shanti Master (Week 2)
  • Asal Kolar (Week 3)
  • Sheriina (Week 4)


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