Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Elimination: These contestants are in danger zone of eviction

BB6 Tamil Elimination

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 finished its second week and entered the third week, and the contestants in the Bigg Boss Tamil home are appealing to the viewers with their spellbinding performance. The BB Tamil host Kamal Haasan is blown away by their talent.

The creators of Bigg Boss Tamil 6 have announced that they have no elimination round scheduled for the first week of the show. So Bigg Boss Tamil 6 creators are all set for the Second Elimination Week of the series, which will be the first elimination of the season.

Azeem, Ram Ramasamy, Dhanalakshmi, Rachitha, Shanthi, Queency, Vikraman, Maheshwari, Ayesha, Niwashini, Shivin Ganesh, and Sherina are the contestants who are in contention for the second-week elimination.

As per the betting statistics on the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 websites, Sherina, Shivin, VJ Maheshwari, and Shanti are in the danger zone with the least amount of votes. As the prediction on Bigg Boss Tamil 6 suggests, there’s a high likelihood that Shanti will be evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 house.

Vikraman and Rachitha have topped Bigg Boss Tamil 6 voting polls by accruing the highest percentage, and it is certain Kamal Haasan will save them today. Ayesha, Nivashini, Dhanalakshmi, and Ram Ramasamy have amassed enough votes to excel. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 is nearing its conclusion, and the host is reviewing contestants’ performances.


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