Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results for 15th September: Who will get eliminated this week?


Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has kicked-off in a very interesting manner. The showrunners have set the precedent that the contestants have to remain alert. This season is also hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna who is also created a good ambience for the contestants. In the last week, Saray Roy was the first contestant to be eliminated.

This week six contestants have been nominated for this week. According to reports, this news was first leaked. The contestants nominated are also trying to cement their position in the competition. The showrunners have set a tough task for the contestants this week. In this article we will discuss the task, the unofficial voting reports and predictions for this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Voting Results

The six nominated contestants are Uma, Nataraj, Kajal, Lobo, Priyanka, Anee and Shailaja Priya are in the danger zone now. According to reports these are the unofficial voting results are:

  • Lobo- 26.15% (9185 votes)
  • Priyanka Singh – 22.66% (7961 votes)
  • Priya – 17.64% (6197 votes)
  • RJ Kajal – 12.62% (4434 votes)
  • Anee Master – 8.66% (3043 votes)
  • Umadevi – 6.59% (2315 votes)
  • Nataraj – 5.68% (1996 votes)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Predictions

  • RJ Kajal is eliminated this week as well. This doesn’t bode well for them.
  • This week’s task was the Wolf and the Eagle. The contestants had to pick contestants from the opponent team and give reasons for it.
  • This task has revealed all the drama and the feelings in the house.
  • Sweta lashed out, and expressed her disgust at Uma’s language and her attitude.
  • A fight escalated, and the contestants are extremely heated.
  • Lobo is in the lead, and according to reports will be safe this week.
  • Uma, Nataraj and Kajal are the contestants who are in danger.
  • According to reports one person amongst them would be out.

This week has a lot in store, let’s wait and watch.


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