Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results 23rd September Indicates Elimination Danger for These 2 Contestants?

bigg boss 5 telugu vote results 24th September elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is midway in an eventful third week. The captaincy task is throwing the limelight on the contestants’ safe game and revealing the talents of others. The nominations for Bigg Boss 5 Telugu week 3 elimination features five contestants. However, the voting results indicate a suspense filled weekend episode amidst the third eviction.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu witnessed Uma Devi’s eviction last weekend. Also, Sarayu exited the Bigg Boss house which reduces female competition to an extent. However, the captaincy task this week will be crucial for the nominated contestants to show their prowess. Amidst high drama in the house, Bigg Boss 5 Telugu continues to grip the audience considerably.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominations List Week 3

  • Priyanka Singh
  • Priya
  • Maanas
  • Lahari
  • Sriram

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results Day 4

  • Priyanka – 22% vote share
  • Priya – 24% vote share
  • Maanas – 25% vote share
  • Lahari – 14% vote share
  • Sriram – 15% vote share

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Week 3 Elimination and Voting Analysis – 23rd September 2021

  • The contestants fight it out amidst a highly competitive captaincy task this week. The urge to win and stay afloat is visible in this season among the contestants.
  • Stellar performances in the task are noted especially from the safe contestants for this week in the task.
  • There are allegations about Siri Hamuntha and Shanmukh’s safe alliance during the task and so far in Bigg Boss. The popular contestants will face a tough time in the next nominations.
  • The “Hyderabad ammayi – America abbayi” task continues on a great note with some impressive performances. VJ Sunny was not on the nominations list this week but carved an exceptional performance.
  • The fight for captaincy takes a serious note in week 3. Sreeram Chandra gets an apt role in a critical period for him. However, he manages to gain enough screen coverage.
  • The Bigg Boss 5 Telugu voting results is a tough fight for the third week eviction.
  • An epic twist takes place in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 voting results this week. Sreeram and Lahari are neck and neck in the elimination battle. However, Lahari trails by a minuscule margin.
  • Maanas consolidates his lead at the top as he emerges as the most popular contestant of this week.
  • Sriram and Lahari fight it out in the final two days of voting. However, it would be interesting to see if Bigg Boss springs a surprise or two as the two contestants are popular.
  • Priya is leading the voting race at the top of the table after a lot of wrath against her across social media.

Voting missed call numbers of nominated contestants in the third week of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu:

  • Priyanka Singh: 8886658209
  • Maanas: 8886658204
  • Priya: 8886658207
  • Sreeram: 8886658204
  • Lahari: 8886658203

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Voting through Hotstar:

  • Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 voting process on Hotstar involves logging into the app through email/Facebook.
  • The viewers are required to search for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 episode of a particular day and click on the vote option that can be seen below the episode video.
  • Among the nine contestants nominated for elimination this week, you can vote for your favorite contestant(s) and cast your vote.
  • Every user will be given 10 votes per day, either cast for one contestant or split among multiple contestants.

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